ngga jelas

Just Another Day

Siapa yang ngerasa kayak gini? Hahahahaha. 😜

Well, my 2015 wasn’t good anyway. Too many broken hearted. But at least I have got my chance to travel more this year. Meet a lot of new people. So I guess this year my life just balancing its rotation.

Tomorrow is just another day. Let’s continue life. Asal jangan bikin gambar di atas tinggal ganti tahun doang. 😂

Happy new year, peeps! 

can't get this out of my head, just a thought

Hello, 2015


Mau kayak orang-orang ah. Bikin tulisan flash back 2014, trus nulis mau ngapain aja gitu tahun ini.. Heheheheheh. 😝

One major leap from last year was actually I’ve change job again. Not actually change the background, but the decision to go into big stable company instead of move to another (digital) agency or a start-up company as I’ve planned before, made a real big change in my life. In a good way, anyway. More team works, more experience. Ga ada ada lagi begadang, lembur, (hampir) nginep di kantor dan lain sebagainya itu. Jam kerja jadi teratur. More time for families. Jeleknya, karena hidup saya jadi lebih teratur, saya menggendut. Banget. Tergendut yang pernah ada seumur hidup saya. Bhahahahahahak. Jeleknya lagi, malah jadi ngga sempet ngeblog teratur. Di kantor ga sempet, di rumah udah kudu ngurusin Vio lah. Paling bisa tengah malem, kalo saya belum (bisa) tidur dan ngga keasikan main game. 😂 😂

Other than that, not much. I wasn’t travel much as well last year due to that new job. But still, I met new people, loose some too as they decide to go. But hey, that’s life, no? 😁

Tahun ini pengen ngapain?

Hmmmmm… meet more new people, more stable life, more (good) surprises… and oh! the good news is, got my annual leave this year! Yay! As I put my 2015 wishes on the beach so the waves could save it with them, I’VE PLAN FOR MORE BEACHES TO VISIT THIS YEAR! 😂😂😂

Kalian udah bikin rencana apa aja tahun ini?

just a thought, ngga jelas

It’s a New Year After All..


Well, sebelum 2014 benar-benar berakhir, ada baiknya saya update blog yang mulai agak terlupakan ini. Hahahahaha 😂 Resolusi? Ah udah 3 tahun terakhir ga pernah bikin resolusi lagi. Paling cuma bikin beberapa catatan, yang diharapkan bisa terwujud. Udah gitu aja.

Not so many ups and downs. The roads all along 2014 wasn’t too bumpy as well. I feel like riding on a merry-go-round instead of a roller-coaster. Have no idea if that is good or not, but still I hope for more (good) surprises to come!

So, what’s for 2015? To be frankly, I want to leave it blank.

Untuk janji-janji yang tidak tertepati
Untuk kata hati yang terpaksa diingkari
Untuk harapan-harapan yang terpaksa mati
Untuk teman-teman yang memilih pergi

Semoga jalan kita bersimpangan lagi ya.. 😊

and hello, 2015!

Curhat Colongan, just a thought

It’s a New Year, After All..


So many things happens. On and off, up and down, lost and found. My life in 2012 was feel like riding a roller-coaster. But there’s always a blessing in disguise. I’m not saying that 2012 was the best year, but there’s a lot of things to be blessed this year. Awesome opportunities, great journey, amazing experience. Well, this 2012 may not have been an easy ride for some of us but we made it, so here is to another journey in 2013. Be safe, hang on tight and enjoy with it 365 opportunities to be happy, make mistakes, belly laugh, do something exciting, and tell people you love them. Make it count!

Like the morning sun rises mark a new day, let’s have a new opportunities, journey and experience.

Happy New Year, peeps!