Curhat Colongan, just a thought

It’s a New Year, After All..


So many things happens. On and off, up and down, lost and found. My life in 2012 was feel like riding a roller-coaster. But there’s always a blessing in disguise. I’m not saying that 2012 was the best year, but there’s a lot of things to be blessed this year. Awesome opportunities, great journey, amazing experience. Well, this 2012 may not have been an easy ride for some of us but we made it, so here is to another journey in 2013. Be safe, hang on tight and enjoy with it 365 opportunities to be happy, make mistakes, belly laugh, do something exciting, and tell people you love them. Make it count!

Like the morning sun rises mark a new day, let’s have a new opportunities, journey and experience.

Happy New Year, peeps!

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