Jalan-jalan, lagi mellow

Paris in December


Let me tell you about Paris in December.

When Paris was decorated with winter, quiet and light up. Where the weather is generally cold and rainy. Temperatures close to or drops below zero. Snow is rare, although I wish there was. Wind chill can make a cold feel more bite in the face.


When the Champs-Elysees was festive with garlands of shining light, and many other places around the city is decorated with the same festive spirit. Where the Christmas market spring up along the way from Place de la Concorde to Arc de Thriompe, with their warm wood-roofed booths, vin chaud (hot wine), enchanting decorations and gifts, and gourmet treats. And the Eiffel Tower truly gorgeous as a Christmas tree. Exciting sense of anticipation and joy, sober light of winter, yet with a languid elegance that captures me completely. Every corner of the city are beautiful.


So, there I was in early this December. Moving along with fashionable people with their pretty winter coat and awesome boots. Absorb the city. Sharing laughter. Drink espresso and eat croissant while reading in a cafe. Drinking wine and eating cheese in some overpriced French bistro. Meeting the locals. Feels like the Parisian.



Nothing beats Paris in December. There is a wonderful sense of melancholy, stillness and peace in a Parisian sunset along Seine. Easy to fall in love.

Sunset in Seine

Wonderful city. Wonderful atmosphere. Wonderful companion. Oh yes, and I wish YOU were there. With me. Holding my hand and sharing the joy of romantic ambiance.


Someday. Yes, someday.

In the absence of your smiling face
I traveled all over the place
And I have decided
I’m throwing my arms around
(I’m Throwing My Arms Around Paris – Morrissey)

22 thoughts on “Paris in December”

    1. duh December itu the best season sih kalo aku bilang. Less tourist, barang-barang banyak diskon, dan lampu-lampu cantik! 😀 Cuma ya ini kota tiap sudutnya cakeeeeeep, mau musim apa aja kita dateng bisa bikin cerita beda-beda kayaknya.. 😆


  1. Super wooooooow!!! The city of lights. Fotonya bagus2 banget, chi. Paris gila ya, fotogenik banget kotanya. Semua sudutnya cantik. Duh.. *ngeces*

    ‘You’nya siapa sih Chi? *mengendus-endus* *rese* LOL


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