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Once Upon a Time

Rapunzel: I’ve been looking out of a window for eighteen years, dreaming about what I might feel like when those lights rise in the sky. What if it’s not everything I dreamed it would be?
Flynn Rider: It will be.
Rapunzel: And what if it is? What do I do then?
Flynn Rider: Well, that’s the good part I guess. You get to go find a new dream.

Ok. This would be a little bit cheesy. But, well, I can’t stand not to write it down here. So bear with me. Haha.

Yes, the conversation is from Tangled, yang ntah kenapa di Indonesia masuk dengan judul Rapunzel. That was my favorite scene and my favorite quotes from that movie. That scene got me like “gosh here goes my child hood dreams!”, trus menatap layar tanpa kedip melihat sekian ribu lantern terbang-terbang ke langit.

Yes, today is my birthday. And after a few hundred thousand days I’ve been through, there’s so many many days that I want to give up my dream but still making dream the next day. Pursuing dreams and how you wish it were a smooth ride, no? Sometime the twists and curves that I’ve been encountered left me full of negative thoughts and doubting my ability.

Tapi seseorang pernah berkata kepada saya, kita harus sadar bahwa kita adalah pilot dari mimpi-mimpi kita, jadi kita harus bertanggung jawab atas mimpi-mimpi kita dan terbang ke tempat-tempat yang belum pernah kita kunjungi.

I was fail. Over and over. Well, everyone does.

Was I scared? Sure.
Did I care? Nope.

Here is the cheesy part, but Disney teach me how not to stop dreaming. Haha. Karena dengan mempunyai mimpi, kita memberikan diri kita “harapan”. Dan “tujuan”. Berhenti bermimpi, well, sama saja dengan bilang “ya ngga ada yang bisa mengubah takdir sih”. Tapi kan kita ngga tau takdir itu kayak apa. Kalau ngga tau, trus kenapa bisa bilang “ngga bisa mengubah takdir”?


Itu kalau gagal.

Pertanyaannya sekarang adalah bagaimana kalau kita merasa sudah meraih mimpi-mimpi kita? Terus sekarang mesti ngapain?

Nah itu, persis kayak pertanyaan Rapunzel di atas. And that’s a good part after making a dream come true. Find a new dream.

Yes, today is my birthday. And after a few hundred thousand days I’ve been through, there were so many many days that I’ve been catching my dreams. Several dreams came true. What would I do next? Finding a new dream for sure.

And today, YOU were my new dream.

15 thoughts on “Once Upon a Time”

  1. And at last I see the light
    And it’s like the fog has lifted
    And at last I see the light
    And it’s like the sky is new

    lalu aku sibuk nyanyi-nyanyi macam Mandy Moore


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