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A Year Older, Again..

shooting star

Days before my birthday, a few close friends and family usually would ask me what I wanted for my birthday. Lip service stuff. Hahahahaha..

Actually, I don’t do birthday. Even any birthday party or any special gift that I could recall. It doesn’t mean I am not having a birthday fun. I have done a lot of stuff for my birthday up until now. From a kid-teenager party when I was 12, a real party when I was 17, a surprised party when I was 25 that held by ex-boyfriend, to a crazy party with some girlfriends. From a casual fun dinner, a fancy dinner to a romantic dinner by a pool full of floating burning candles. Yes, I’ve through those all already.

So then, when someone asks “what I want to do on my birthday” a few days ago, I was paused. Not because I do not know what I wanted to do on my birthday, but the question makes me thrown back into the past. The day when I was a teenager, love to read a lot of books (yes it still does anyway ..), and I have this cheesy scenes in mind about a happy birthday.

1. Scene one. I am sitting at the balcony, at one beach resort somewhere. Yes, somewhere. I don’t care which beach, but it should be a pretty one. Do a contemplating. Waiting for the shooting star. Make a wish right on 12 AM.

2. Scene two. I am sitting up on the hill. There was one of my favorite spot near Boscha. Yes, that Boscha at Bandung. The spot where we could see the clear sky, and if you are lucky, you could see the beautiful constellations. Well, I really wish I am that lucky on my birthday. Haha. The remains story is the same. I’m waiting for the shooting star, and make a wish right on 12 AM.

Yeah I know. I am that hopeless romantic. And cheesy. I couldn’t help it! :mrgreen:

Maybe that scenes wasn’t a happy birthday, it turns out I still keep the dreams about the (ideal) birthday somewhere in my head. And I’m happy I found that again.

So, what is a happy birthday in your version? 😛

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