Music, Makes Me Travel in Time

This last two days I was attending Jakarta International Jazz Festival at Istora Senayan with some friend. As I really love jazz anyway, come and see what happens there is a must… *grin* Funny how music makes a throw back to a time and place… that day, the big one: The Best of Me (from David Foster).
I was in the main stage area to see Phill Perry performance and “the best of me” came on… (I Love U Phill…..) I heard the initial notes and immediately pushed my finger to record button on my camera. This song puts me back in first year, on initial gathering at my new highschool. It was first week into the first month of school and I was a new student (again). I had a few friends and was already on the cheerl
eading team… so i had my clan. I was staring at this tall boy, curly dark hair, and claimed him. Told my friends I had a crush on this boy… but couldn’t talk to him. Yeah you know teenager… hahaha… Our seniors held some “welcoming games” (and not to forget the punishment…). There’s some kids got the punishment, I was on my way out of the room to go to the toilet, when suddenly (I even didn’t realize that) mr. tall boy got his punishment… and before I can’t thinking what’s going on, he grabbed my hand and asked me to sing a song while he playing his flute. The Best of Me was playing. For the next month that’s all I wanted to listen to. It was such a fun and experimental time in my life that everytime i hear that song I smile and feel young. The actual relationship lasted 3 years…but that song, that song will live a lifetime.

Funny how music has a way of doing that. What songs make you travel back in time? Any songs make you think of me????? I’m sure I have a few that make me think of you. In A Rush, I Don’t Love You No More (I’m Sorry), Coffee & TV, Don’t Look Back In Anger, Your Song, Just Once, … who ever you are… there’s a song that makes me think of you.