tukar pikiran

Love the limbs you’re in…………….xo

I met someone today who really made me think about life and daily adventures. Its funny, you don’t really think about how much you appreciate walking, breathing, talking, and/or having a fully functioning healthy body until a) you don’t have one yourself due to accident or b) someone close to you shares their experience of misfortune and/or accident. Well, b) happened today.

I was sitting in my office working away and had been invited to go for a little ‘lunch date’ with a co-worker. I usually bow-down from such suggestions as I have a strict policy that involves NO DATING of people that work in the same field or vicinity of me. I usually like to have my own space and date long distance and or rely on expiration dating in which the individual has plans to leave my city of occupancy for a new province or country. So far it’s kept me happy and lets me have my own independence, however I’m getting greedy and find I like things closer to home (sometimes). Mind you, inter-office relations are a little too close for comfort. However, this situation was twisted into a working lunch, so I figured I’d be friendly and see what’s up. Anyhow, to make a long story short he’s a sweet guy, smart, an amazing aptitude for languages, works within the environmental field, volunteers with handicapped people, volunteers with the cancer society, teaches dj’ing.. It’s ridiculous really. How does he find the time to get dressed in the morning let alone eat lunch? Anyhow, we strayed from work chit-chat and turns out he was in a horrible car accident when he was 16. Spent 3 weeks in a comma and had to re-learn how to talk, walk, eat…etc. It’s a truly amazing story. I think my jaw was dropped the entire time. I couldn’t imagine what it would be like to forget how to talk? Think about it. How would you communicate if you want something, need something…and how would you get there if you couldn’t walk? It’s an amazing story, esp. considering if you look at him you’d have no idea.

It’s now after lunch and I’m sitting at my desk thinking about my upcoming trip. How would I go to that place if I was unable to talk, walk, stand up….I would be bound to a bed, incapable of doing anything. His attitude is amazing and completely optimistic. He has certain restrictions in his life now bc of the accident but he has faired far better than most. I have serious heels I’m pulling out for the planning this weekend and I thank the universe that I have the capability to wear them and dance the shit out of them.

I ask you Chiclicious readers to look at your limbs and love each and every one of them this evening (maybe have a partner do it for you).

Here’s to having moving parts that move and lips that talk and kiss……