Seputar Kedodolan

Just My Luck

The holiday has ended and work started two days ago (but I just in today… hehehehehe), everything is back to the old routine. Getting up early, have a very fast breakfast (just one cup of coffee actually…), and go to the office in a hurry.

So, here I am…
Sitting back in this lovely boring room… hehehe… well, admit it!! Office doesn’t really feel like home, right?? Doesn’t matter how hommy your room is (just like mine… *grin*).

I had a nice and relaxed holiday, created lovely memories. Just a question now: What next? If 90% of what we do is habit, I suppose I should choose to do something different for a start. Starting from where? Here, of course. Where is that? Well, feet on the earth, air I breathe, heart that beats. I think I’ll start from there, see where it goes.