Seputar Kedodolan

…WORK HARD, PLAY HARD… (it’s time to chill out babeeee…)

Whoever said, “you can sleep when you’re dead” didn’t have to live through busy days at work that require snappy trains of thought and articulate conversations. Unfortunately after a relatively busy weekend the grunts meaning, “Yes I’ll drop that fax off” or “yes garlic mustard is an invasive”. So far, I always had a great weekend of visiting and drinking with friends. Sleep wasn’t on the itinerary and unfortunately for me it hasn’t really been on the menu for months and months and months… *grin* But when I got much protest from my body yelling to fall out sick, I reconsider about how my weekend gone.

Oke… think about it… I wake up everyday, relatively early, with big plans for my day. Those that know me well know that I pack a lot into each day and I don’t waste a lot of time doing nothing. Lately, it’s been a little ridiculous. Between work, traveling, and trying to reconnect with friends I haven’t seen in weeks & months… I’ve left very little time for myself. How do I remedy my overwhelming addiction to being busy?

So far I’ve made attempts to visit people that help slow me down. People living in ‘Praise of Slow’. My stress level drops and I find I get more centered. I appreciate the feeling, yet I don’t know how to manufactured it myself. Hmmm.

Off to hangout tonight (with some best friend… I really missed the chit chat), visiting my cousin wedding tomorrow, meet friends from Klub Baca on Sunday and Monday, I hit the road (hahahahaha….). I like to think its called living life, but am I shaving years off my life by living on the go-go-go?