Seputar Kedodolan


I’ve been working hard, and procrastinating even harder, these days. It is so easy to let your time get eaten up by work. At least that’s what I think. Playtime has been disrupted and as a result a bunch of other things have been modified and adjusted. Ripple effect, domino effect….whatever you call it… its happening all around us everyday.

Yesterday I made some decisions and set myself up for a new course of action. I thought to myself how many different times that had happened this week. I really can’t keep up. I live a dynamic and ever changing life, and I’m cool with that. What I’m not cool with is my lack of interest to try and pull the reins a bit tighter and force myself into some sort of guidance… down a path or something. Maybe I can contribute this to the likes of ecology. When the environment becomes static or things are forced to stay the same something bad happens. Something comes out of the blue and changes things… Maybe that’s why I lack consistency in my lifestyle, relationships, work environment, and geography? I’m subconsciously trying to prevent something terrible from happening?

Where did October go? All I know is that once November is over I can have part of my normal, socializing, life back. I feel as though I’ve isolated myself from most of my friends and slightly abandoned them and only get to see a select few bc they too fit into my scattered lifestyle of lack of planning and workaholic-ness.

Time to set some new parameters: December will be about me and confining work to work hours and play time to weekends and me time to weekdays… Less useless hangout and more quality time. Even if I hit the mark with one of those goals I’ll be happy.

Happy Birthday Ms. Emma… may the dominos fall the way you wish this bday…. Mind you, scorpions like you never really adjust to predictability, do you? 😀