Curhat Colongan

…With You…

Now i’m sure…
With you, we’ll flying together
Catching thousand of dreams
Until the sky itself make us flying

With You…
I will tell my secrets and my fairytails
I will tell you my dreams, my illusion friend
And i know you’ll have a lots of time to listen

I will never know what the future brings
But as you said to me, you’ll take the risks for being with me…
With you, i’m sure

I’m thankful I met you, Dear

0 thoughts on “…With You…”

  1. Aku mungkin memang seseorang yang pernah abaikan cinta

    Aku memang manusia yang tiada pernah hargai rasa cinta

    Aku sekali ini sadar telah ku rusak indah pesona cinta

    Aku harus memulai upaya tuk rangkai apa itu cinta

    with u…


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