Curhat Colongan, Seputar Kedodolan

Flying High, Going Where?


Again, someone send me this picture through email.
And as usual, it got me to think about something (why a picture always leaves a lot of questions in my mind??? aaaarrrrgh!)

Contrails are trails of condensed air exhaust from aircraft engines
when flying at high altitudes. From the ground, they look like white
streaks across the sky. I had a rare chance to see them at a
much closer distance from the another aircraft (sapa juga sih yang pernah liat… hihihihi).

sight seemed to represent the progress of life. The sky is seamless,
but which direction are you heading to? Are you merely following the
short-lived contrails left behind by others as guidance? And, as you
cruise along, you too are making contrails you cannot turn your head to
see but they may be leading or misleading others.

But whatever
happens, from the ground these white lines are only temporary, and
whichever direction you go, moments later when they disappear from the
sky your track becomes history and may only be remembered with an image
capture (spectacular image isn’t it?).