Seputar Kedodolan

TAG I’m It!

I was tagged by Susan.
Here’s what was instructed of me:

Here’s the dealyo:
1. Do the following
2. Choose 5 persons to do this and post in on their blogs. They must then describe the rules clearly with the post, select 5  new people to be tagged, and list them as well. You also got to leave them a comment so they know they have been tagged, with clear instructions to visit your blog for the game.

Then my answer for the TAG quiz:
Favourite Colour:
Purple and White… for sure..
Favourite Food:
Sushi… and everything that not contain of shrimp!!!
Favourite Song:
Walking After You by Foo Fighter
Favourite Movie:
so far… Harry Potter!
Favourite Day of the Week:
Friday (dua hari ke depan libur soalnya… hihihihi)
Favourite Ice Cream:

Current Mood: Sleepy
Current Taste:
Strawberry Cheese Cake (Via birthday cake), done it! (enaaak.. mau  lagi dong Vi.. hihihihi)
Current Clothes:
grey jacket, black tanktop and black stripes pants
Current Desktop:
Current Toenail Colour:
not wearing any
Current Time:
4:40 PM
Current Annoyance:
my works! =P
Current Thoughts:
can I met him tonite?

First Best Friend: Della
First Crush:
boy next door
First Movie:
at the theatre? I think It would be Cut Nyak Dien.. hehehehe (tontonan wajib waktu SD)
First Lie:
do you suppose to remember things like this?
First Music:
NKOTB (wakakakakakaka…)

Last Drink: mineral water
Last Crush:
my hunny Joey…
Last Phone Call:
ibu notaries itu…
Last CD played:
Mika… Mika… and Mika… (berapa kali gue ulang ya hari ini???…)

Have you ever
Have you ever dated one of your best friends: nope
Have you ever broken the law:
driving without license (and still.. hihihi.. belum sempet bikin baru since I lost the last one!)… masuk broken the law ngga ini =P
Have you ever been arrested:
not yet =)
Have you ever skinny dipped:
till I lost 10 kgs more, I’ll go skinny dipping…. =P

TAG you’re it to: Deelan, Fugo, Harry, JoDe, and Susan (I cheated, most of the bloggers I know don’t have a post.)


aaaarrrrrrggggh.. mind you!
Some people just don’t bother to do this thing, so.. TAG yourself I guess, well if you wanna be tagged, or bored, whatever.
Hehehehehehehe =))