Jalan-jalan, keren!

Hey Mickey Mouse!

Arrive at the hotel today, and got distorded by this thing :

I just can’t deny any “good” view wherever I am, and this, is the view from my room at The Disney’s Hollywood Hotel. YES! I’m in Hong Kong, baby! Will check about that later on. Very cloudy here, and I hear it have been raining all day. Meh!

But tomorrow and the day after I’ll be in Disneyland! Yayness!! And this for free! Superyayness!!

Well, don’t be envy for my luck. I’ll be update you how my meeting with Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck, and also the members of Toy Story in Toy Story Lands.. *giggles*

Meanwhiles, I’m going to enjoy Hong Kong! Woo hoo… :mrgreen: