Curhat Colongan, Seputar Kedodolan

so textbook of me

It sounds cliché…but
sometimes it’s true: "it’s not you, it’s me"….phrase of the month… it’s
my new thing. Yes I’m distant lately, yes I’m slightly withdrawn from
my normal activities…. But… really.. This is another self that a lot of
other people know. The self that is busy with work, busy with
obligations, and tries to make time for people when she can.

be offended. I’m just busy. I care. But I’m just busy. Unless you are a
legal review, a multiple choice question, a gift of Conservation Lands,
or someone who will carry me to bed when I’m tired and my brain no
longer works….then chances are… between now and… well maybe a couple weeks ahead we
will talk less and see less of one another. It’s not because don’t like
you, it’s nothing personal.

It’s not you… it’s me.

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