Curhat Colongan

Fortune Telling

January is the time of the year when people look for clues for what may happen in 2007. For now, maybe it’s too little too late, but when a friend drops by to visit me at the office for lunch, that made me thinking of something. She told me that her fortuneteller described how 2006 hadn’t been a good one, and that things would improve next year. Other revelations included she would start her own business later in her life, and would have to continue working until the normal retirement age.

In hindsight, it was quite true. She was separated from her boyfriend for over sixFpth7tk3mw
months because of work, which hadn’t helped either with ridiculous workload and demanding bosses. About two weeks ago she resigned from the job after accepting an offer from a better organization.

I’ve never really got myself hooked into fortune telling. I admit reading the horoscopes every now and then out of curiosity, but have never really gone overboard adorning myself with lucky color of the day. Personal fortune reading can be incorrect – if doctors can arrive at a wrong diagnosis, surely these psychics can misinterpret the road ahead.

I wonder if it may be worthwhile getting a second opinion. I had my annual checkup the other night and my dentist said my teeth were fine, even though my gumlines had receded a little too much that I suspected it might be first sign of gingivitis. He insisted it was normal for my age.

I still believe my pinball machine theory (blog entry "Life As A Pinball Machine", January 22, 2007). Just like in those plane crashes there was always a person who happened to miss the flight by chance and therefore they didn’t die, but I wonder if they had been onboard perhaps the accidents might not have occurred.

Can someone really have the ability to zoom into your future life and reveal every major course of action?