Seputar Kedodolan

New Kid On The Blog

Some days ago, I’ve received e-mail from someone I never know before. She just happens to look at my profile and then blog walking on this Chiclicious. She said she was really enjoyed in reading on my writing (I’m so thank you for that girl…), and she braves herself to send me those e-mail. Anyway, in the end of her e-mail, she asked me “how to make a blog like yours…”. Aaaaaah, such a simple question, but for me seems hard to answered. Honestly,.. I don’t know the answer is!!!!

Everyone is into blogging these days. Unlike a personal diary, you want the whole world to know what you do or how you feel. I couldn’t help but got dragged into this latest fad. I suppose there’s so much inside my mind I’ve always wanted to express. Unlike most other blogs which detail events chronologically, I thought I’d create a twist and mix things up, you know, just blog whenever something comes to mind, which can be something that happened years ago. Why keep it to myself, when I can share what I experience with everyone?

Why a blog? Well, I don’t get as much personal internet time as I like and I feel like I’m spamming my friends by sending out mass emails. Those that really love me will bookmark this page and check in periodically to see how I’m doing. This way I can focus my time on addressing personal emails when I get into my general/personal email account. I didn’t want a myspace because I wanted something just for discussion, I don’t need ads…visuals… music.. to spice up my personal page. Whoever is reading this already knows me (or found me through some sort of fateful search… hahaha).

And like I said before (posting on 12 October 2006 : Life is So Simple… 2nd Part), this is for my own enjoyment, and sometimes for my own sanity. It’s an online journal, basically. I sort of just put down the first thought that popped into my head. Like this posting…!

Then, my answer to that question would be… Just write what do you have in mind, girl… and post it online!!!! That’s what I do. To blog or not to blog, that isn’t a question (hahahaha…). It’s your own enjoyment.

Happy Blogging!