Release Stress For A While

Abis nonton Dave Koz performance di Score, Citos…. Sumpah suka banget!!!!!
Apalagi pas You Make Me Smile dimainin, ga tahan untuk ga mencet tombol record di kamera gue… huhuhuhuhu…
Lumayan release stress gue yang menumpuk dua minggu ini…

Thanks ya Iya, buat guestlist nya… hehehehehe…

Hmmm… Long weekend neh besok…
enaknya ngapain yaaa????

Seputar Kedodolan

Quarter-Life Crisis

According to Wikipedia, the symptoms include "confusion of identity,
insecurity regarding the near future, insecurity regarding present
accomplishments, re-evaluation of close interpersonal relationships,
disappointment with one’s job, nostalgia for college life, tendency to
hold stronger opinions, boredom with social interactions,
financially-rooted stress, and loneliness."

Looking around,
quarter-life crisis seems to have already occurred in those
20-somethings I know – changing career, changing location, even
changing partner. Did something screw up between Gen X and Gen Y that
now we’re experiencing an additional life crisis?

Wikipedia doesn’t tell you the treatment methods; it’s left all of us to find that magic pill that cures it once and for all.

*inspired by FA.. hope u can thru’ that symptom dude, like I do! hahahaha…

Curhat Colongan, Television

Past – Present – Future

A thought arised from a Carrie Bradshaw quote, "can you get to your future if your past is present?" (helllooooo Sex n The City fans… correct me if I’m wrong…)

a world moving so quickly that you already start chatting up another person before you even finish with the first one, we have an inclination
to classify people by the bad things they did – liars, cheaters, or
whatever – yet we leave it there after we’ve moved on. We come to
believe and accept that a past liar will always lie.

Is it fair
that people are judged by what they did in the past? More importantly,
is it fair if people judge you by your past behaviour?