Curhat Colongan, just a thought

New Year!

So yeah. It’s 2018 already. So how is it after the party? Masih hang over? Masih ngga percaya udah tahun baru? 😂

2017 for me it’s a roller coaster ride. The ups and downs was too fast. I was in the up front when 2017 was ended, I’m not ready for the down yet.

Lupa baca di mana, 2017 ke 2018 itu hanya pergantian angka, selebihnya mau kayak apa di 2018 itu kita sendiri yang menentukan. So, let’s begin slowly. One step at the time with stairs, not a roller coaster, dear me. Dan jangan lupa bahagia.

How’s about you? Happy new year! 🎊