iseng!, ngga jelas

Afternoon Breeze

I dream of a sky pink, orange and blue
hughes of purple are scattered there too
color softly fades as the night starts to invade
but until this lovely site is through
I’ll look at these colors; pink, orange and blue

42 thoughts on “Afternoon Breeze”

  1. just wanna say happy weekend people!

    and ow, in case I’m not online in the next two days, Happy Lunar Year and Happy Valentine, for you who celebrate it.. :mrgreen:


  2. ada yg weekend mampir ke pasar minggu nih keknya,hehehehe… sayang kita gak ketemu chi,gw datang lo cabut;p

    akhirnya ngobrol sama si aa dan aldy rame2 deh,cuma sempet liat kue yg dibawain lo aja chi:D


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