Curhat Colongan

a new day?

A lot of things happen last day… And when I opened up my eyes this morning, there’s one quote that repeating cross my mind. It says "There’s only two choices when you wake up from your sleep in the morning, either you can continue to sleep and continue your dream OR you can get up from your bed to begin a day and catch up what you dream!"
*has forgotten from where I’ve got that quote…*

so well,… here I am…
and I guess you know what I choose.. *grin*

It’s monday morning… hell yeah it’s a new day!
Thanks to God,… Thanks to you all my deareast friends…

and thanks to you too, honey

0 thoughts on “a new day?”

  1. i chose stay to sleep and continue my dream, coz If only I could stay asleep, at least I could pretend you’re
    thinkin’ of me
    ‘Cause nighttime is the one time I am happy,
    you see in mydreams. 😀


  2. Wake up in the morning…
    Memorize my dreams…
    Make them as priorities…
    Arrange some strategies…
    Discuss the steps and path…
    Achieve all with u by my side…
    And… Make those real…


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