Curhat Colongan

What’s Next???

I still keep in touch with friends that I made in the previous chapter of my life.

morning I chatted with one of them on the phone. About one year ago we
were heading off to different directions – I found a job that
finally suited my lifestyle, while she was due to return to Jogja
not knowing what might happen. Today things have worked out well for
both of us; for myself in particular I carry on doing what I enjoy,
with a much better salary than the previous job while living in a city
with all this stuff I need…

For most people, they’d feel life
just couldn’t be better; for me, however, I’m starting to wonder what
may happen next
Life just seems to have been too easy. "I get what I
want" has become my motto, at least for this year so far.

still intend to resume my advocate license. And as luck would have it,
last week while meeting some old friends I got to know an experienced advocate and
we’ve been talking a lot about our advocating experience. He even offered
a couple of lessons for free so that I could hopefully one day achieve
his level of success.

So.. what’s next?  Becoming a full time advocate?  Starting my own law firm?  Finding Mr Right or Quite Right?

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