Seputar Kedodolan

Quarter-Life Crisis

According to Wikipedia, the symptoms include "confusion of identity,
insecurity regarding the near future, insecurity regarding present
accomplishments, re-evaluation of close interpersonal relationships,
disappointment with one’s job, nostalgia for college life, tendency to
hold stronger opinions, boredom with social interactions,
financially-rooted stress, and loneliness."

Looking around,
quarter-life crisis seems to have already occurred in those
20-somethings I know – changing career, changing location, even
changing partner. Did something screw up between Gen X and Gen Y that
now we’re experiencing an additional life crisis?

Wikipedia doesn’t tell you the treatment methods; it’s left all of us to find that magic pill that cures it once and for all.

*inspired by FA.. hope u can thru’ that symptom dude, like I do! hahahaha…