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More Than One………………….

How many is too many? I think I’m gregarious by nature. I have my alone time, sometimes its toxic…but most of the time its much needed. But lately, lately I feel like an overly social…gregarious creature that craves the energy of more than one. I feed off the excitement of a group and love to hear the opinions of many.

Question: Why is it in nature polygamy is not only accepted, but considered a mode of survival and in human society it is frowned upon? If a woman were to have 3 or 4 men entertaining her, dinning her, all considered her mates…why is this such a bad thing? I think men do it more often and get away with it. Woman are forced to be more secretive.

Mind you, that’s just my opinion.

PS: cuma gatel pengen ngeluarin isi kepala udah tumpang tindih di otak gue dari kemaren-kemaren, tapi ngga sempet-sempet karena menumpuknya pekerjaan di atas meja gue… hehehehe… jadi ikut ngebahas soal poligami yang sekarang lagi marak dan ramai di infotainment, milist-milist dan forward email dari teman-teman. Cuma dua kata untuk itu… : Capek deeeeeeh…