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What Are My Skills?

Skills_2After reading an email from a friend, I just know that there are "A" skill sets, those that you really excel at and then there are "B" skill sets, those things you can do, and do well, but don’t necessarily enjoy. Then it come to me with a question, What are my skills? This has what’s been asked of me by my life coach.

I’ve also been asked to ask other people and see what they think. After all, my idea of what I’m good at may be entirely off base from other’s opinions. For example, I thought I was a great cook until my nephew threw up after eating my meat lasagna one time. No one told me that the hamburg needed to be fresh… ^grin^

So, I open the floor to those of you at Chiclicious, I know you don’t all intimately know me but from your point of view, and reading my posts for the last several months (now that I think of it…you may know me more intimately then I think), what would you say my skills are?

0 thoughts on “What Are My Skills?”

  1. wah chi ,kalo menurut gue loe bagusnya jadi pengamat buku atau film, atau jadi kolumnis makanan atau restoran? hmmm gue juga mau tuh…
    ” hmmm, sedap sekali pemirsa” hehehe
    udah makan gratis dimana2,dibayar pula lagi…


  2. ci, nurut g seh lu t skillnya banyak, tp kok g k ingetnya yg negatip aja ya???kayak ngejahilin org. tp seh g setuju ma didot lu tu bagusnya jd kritikkus deh, soalnya point of view lu bgs t n sering ngena.


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