Seputar Kedodolan, tukar pikiran


Last night during coffee with a good friend, it occurred to me how in life while one thing leads to another, sometimes one person also leads to another.

When I first moved to Jakarta, I got to know him (Boy A) online who happened to live live nearby and had just returned from studying in Sydney. We decided to meet up in person, and he quickly became the first friend in my new friends circle. What followed was man A introduced me to yet another overseas Boy B, whom six months later brought a visiting friend out (Girl C). Six months later after returning home Girl C introduced me to Girl D online, yet another passer-by in Jakarta.Pc2kihmyr0q

Surely people meet people through their friends, or friends’ friends. In my case, it took three individuals and a year to meet Girl D. Had either Boy A or I decided not to log online for chat that day, all the twists and turns, all the encounters during my time here would not have eventuated.

It got me thinking; we go through everyday like a pinball machine. Once the ball drops to one side of aspects, it’s almost impossible to shift to the other side – it may only try to shift as close as luck and gravity dictate. Well what can you do? As they say, live with it.

So after all, what did the Girl D experience entail? Boy A, B and Girl C have since become good friends, there hasn’t been any Boy or Girl E and the pinball has almost reached the bottom hole.

Maybe time for another go.

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