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An Inconvenient Truth

Yes, I saw the movie. Did I like it? Yes… I liked it. Did I love it? Not so much. I think it’s because for me, Gore was preaching to the converted. A lot of it I had heard and seen before. The evidence isn’t new for those of us already in the thick of it. I’m a lawyer, not an atmospheric scientist. I’m just interested in science and lends to scientific study. The movie was powerful because it SHOWED people what is happening while keeping the actual science jargon to a minimum. I think that aspect of it was amazing. What I felt the movie lacked was direction. Okay Gore…yeah…there’s all these problems; now suggest to me what the hell I’m supposed to do. Turning off a few lights is not the answer. When the movie finished I found myself kinda feeling like, "hmmm… interesting and amazing… so what are some ‘action items’ I can take away from that film". The movie could have provided a platform for change rather than a mechanism of promoting fear (but …on a positive note… awareness is there).

I’m happy I saw it and I do think it is something that everyone should see. It does make you think. But how many people have already watched this movie…and two weeks later have forgotten about it? Action and long-term messaging… it was missing it, who’s going to pick up the slack?

PS : I still looking for these Al Gore’s book. Can anyone help me find those book here???

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  1. A 73-year old man came into my office one day and said that the combination of the movie and our project made him sell his Audi and buy a hybrid and switch his support over to the green party.

    He was so adorable and all we had to offer him was camino chocolate. His name was Bill Dawson


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