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just felt like writing something

I’m sitting in my room, listening to songs, and then i decided to lime wire love songs, and so i did. Those all time classic love songs sang by great artists such as Whitney Houston, Barbara Streisand, Bryan Adams, Lionel Richie, Peter Cetera, Cher….. and also some not-to-ancient ones sang by Mandy Moore, Mariah Carey,  Five for Fighting, N’Sync (just bought their greatest hits albums… hahahahaha) etc….  remember the movie A Walk to Remember? Without fail, my tears will fall each time I watch it- and because of that movie, I started to like Shane West, he’s so irresistible. Okay the point that I mentioned the movie is because of this song Mandy Moore sang: ONLY HOPE. The lyric of this song is just so moving. Cheesy but I love it to bits. And another one of her song CRUSH- even cheesier…… if we can be bitchy sometimes, corny sometimes, sarcastic sometimes, why can’t we be cheesy sometimes?? *grin*

"You say everything that no one says,

But I feel everything you’re afraid to feel,

I will always love you; I will always want you…….."


I think I need to stop now just in case someone decides to give me a slap on the face. hahaha…. ;-p

Remember I once mentioned about crying without a reason? Well I didn’t cry, I just became depressed all of a sudden. Hence, explains the love songs. As love songs are usually sad songs. And compatible to the state of emotion I am going through now. I’m actually immune to this. No biggie. Okay.. I promise that this song is good. Natasha Bedingfield’s”I Bruise Easily". Not everyone’s cup of tea, but I feel the words.


Again, I dunno why I write those things anyway… just felt like writing something. Just remembering what happen last nite, and make me things that people sometimes have their “wild” side personality. Just like my office mates. Hahahaha… sorry guys.. I ain’t gonna tell what we doing last nite, but that was really really crazy… I mean it!!! That was really “have fun go mad” anyway… when we’re gonna do that again man… hahahahaha  I will miss that moment.