Curhat Colongan

oO The Chronicles of Surabaya Oo

Phew! Such a load of work… Everyone I know is drowning in it…no time to freak out…can you believe it? Morn to late night everyone is running around – mentally or physically – and looking forward to the end of the week.. As this month finally draws to a close…

Finally back to Jakarta after few days in Surabaya for work. I just still can’t believe what really happen there. So many freak things out…

I am a moron myself.. I guess..

Just wanted to unburden myself… so many things crowd the mind even when you think you don’t have time to breathe. I guess I am an emotional person who gets attached very easily and then finds it difficult to bear the most permanent thing in lifechange. People change, situations change, and then we finally change…or perhaps we are the first to change but keep blaming others for changing …

honestly I really don’t know why I am writing this….but it has perhaps something to do with my cribbing which has gone on for quite some weeks…about people changing and hurting me….but I think I realize that people don’t change unless you do yourself. Then your point of view undergoes a change and the world you view changes colors imperceptibly and we think it’s the world that has changed..That it is our lenses that have changed hardly occurs to us.

So..the moral of the story is …if you don’t change.. nobody and nothing do. It happens to all of us.. We all want a wisp of breath…a slight change…but for some it happens in a way we don’t expect or want it to.. Nevertheless it’s a change that perhaps helps to re-define things and/or situations. It probably binds people more strongly and helps them to evaluate each other and their mutual relationship.

I know what you are thinking…the pressure of the last few weeks is severely telling on my state of mind.. well then.. once I have realized it.. I should sign out now till better and more relaxed times.

happy belated valentine guys..