tukar pikiran

Life.. is so SIMPLE…

My horoscope today’s state like this :


Why pressure yourself into taking it all in when grasping one small detail can be so rewarding? Right now you need to focus on one aspect of your life to see how you can improve it. Instead of focusing on your overall health, try just your teeth. Instead of focusing on making more money, try just saving one dollar a day. And instead of focusing on finding a true love, try just finding someone you can have a great conversation with. The best way to move forward is by taking one step at a time.

I think that something which anyone should know from the beginning, right? Don’t need any advice from those horoscope things. Just maybe sometimes I forget how to think in pieces. Busy to thought about the global things, worried about anythings, but forgot to face the very small and easy things that have very important connection to improve my problems.

Maybe that’s the reason why I sometimes feel how hard my life would going to be, because I was busy to think anything so hard. Yeah… why don’t make it simple by think in pieces, one by one, and be ready to face what’s next. Like Han said in Fast & Furious : Tokyo Drift, “… Life is so simple,.. just go what u have to do, and don’t look back…”.