tukar pikiran

Mirror, mirror of eternal time, where does the solution lie?

I have a lot of question right in my mind that I couldn’t answer…

And… there’re some questions that just don’t have any answer at all…

For every single question that has been asked on the face of this planet, the answer has always sprouted out of a surprisingly simple logic. Well, not necessarily the simplest, but there could have been more complicated solutions to it. However, the most complicated solution has never turned out to be the perfect one. At least that’s what we have been made to believe.

One begins to wonder about this claims credibility. Do the laws of physics put any constraint on how the solutions have to be? Theories suggestive of this have been around for a long time.

For most people, the 14th century English logician, William Ockham’s claim is worth their life’s exploration:

entia non sunt multiplicanda praeter necessitatem

which translates to Entities should not be multiplied beyond necessity,
more popularly interpreted as
The simplest answer is usually the correct answer.

This argument is one of the most favorite claims for the evolutionists to disprove the existence of the ultimate being. As much as this THEORY can be appreciated, the ramifications will almost always turn out to be grave. Not just in science, but in all walks of life.

Defectors of this theory can bring in a million examples to disprove this claim. What is the one question that perpetually persists in every single cerebral being’s mind, the one question that makes them contemplate, and the one question that has been chasing every curious mind? Why is the universe the way it is? Well, and a few more too, but if the former were to be answered, the rest would fall in place.

Even for these profound questions, there is a ludicrously simple theory. The universe is the way it is, because we are. The universe is the way it is because, if it weren’t, we wouldn’t be here to question about it. There might be millions of other possible universes, but only this is real, because we are here. The anthropic principle! It can be equated to: Why is it raining today? Because if it doesn’t, human race wouldn’t persist and we won’t be here. So did we get an answer for the question? The supposed answer might have made some sense, but the relevance factor was absolute naught.

In our pursuit in life, we are all settling in for such pedestrian solutions. There would have been no apparent solution, nevertheless, we settle for that! Striving towards the ultimate reality is far too difficult. People just cannot be taught to do it. Neither does their thought process propel them. However, the fruit once borne will be worth the struggle. Few realize this and strive for what is absolute, rather than to settle for what might be apparent. Fewer attain the peaks.

But if one is anywhere near the vicinity of being close to the solution, if there is awareness that one is in the right path, and if there is someway of finding out at least a morsel of what is meant to be, it is worth the risk. It is worth the struggle. For, it is in this struggle that one realizes that the absolute panacea was far too near than assumed.

We dance ’round in a ring and suppose

But the secret sits in the middle and knows

~ Robert Frost