Curhat Colongan


Last nite, out of the blue, I’ve got an sms which is, in simple words, "SOK TAU BANGEEEEETTTT" from someone I didn’t know who – my cellphone doesn’t even recognize the number – and too chicken to show his/her "face" before me…
anyhow, the sms in sort judge me that I’m really have a high standard to decide with who I will spend the rest of my life and dengan PEDEnya sok nasehatin gue If I’m not get my self down to earth I will be lonely forever…. Huahahahahahaha… Sok tau banget kaaaaan… And still didn’t want to show me his/her face, even just a name. CEMEN!!! She/he just told me that she/he are a friend who care about my problem… Huahahahahahahaha. I  was laughing out loud when I read that sms. Well, now I’m pretty sure that SHE/HE ARE REALLY NOT A FRIEND OF MINE, cause friends close to me must be well known about my life right now, about my dream, my thought and ga ada yang sok tau kayak dia…. hihihihi… kasian banget sih tuch orang…

okay, Talking about someone who I will spend the rest of my life with – or in sort, the right  man – are bring us to talk about commitment. It terms of relationships…commitment as a stand alone term, may not be my strong suit. BUT when I get into something I really get into it and commit myself to doing the best I can. If I believe in something, I will commit myself to the cause. And sure… I have my own criteria and standard to decide those stuff. Mind you, who doesn’t?? I think everyone has their own criteria just like mine. Not really the same, but you must have your own standard, aren’t you?? Basically, I did that because I want those commitment will be my lifetime relationship. For once in my lifetime. So, nothing’s wrong to be picky, right? more than that, to be picky is a must!!! That’s the reason I thought I have to decide that carefully. Brain, beauty and behavior are still a basic standard for me. I have a question for you guys who really know me intimately, did my standard too high and I really not down to earth? And with all I have right now (yeaaah u know it guys…), is it wrong If I make some standard to choose my right man? For sure, I want someone who much "better" than me… U know, men,.. they are all always have their own ego, right? For sure they didn’t want to look "suck" after their spouse.

I made some criteria for myself (I’m deal with that so far, make some exception to some guys I’ve close with) and haven’t found what I looking for yet, I don’t think that it’s a problem. Committing to a cause is hard, it can be very draining…inconvenient… lonely… and you often hit numerous roadblocks. I’m not always know what I am doing, but I try to make things better. When I made mistake, just face it! Everyone made a mistake.

and for YOU who send me those ridiculous sms last nite, Mind Your Own Business, Please…

0 thoughts on “OK, I’M PICKY… SO WHAT????”

  1. indeed chi, i know you have the quality and to be picky is a must.i dont want a talented person like you to be engaged with a loser.

    Quality before Quantity right?
    what’s the point of committing to someone who doesn’t deserve them?

    last but not least,just put this kind of annoying point of view which can poison your mind in the thrash bin,and for that person who send you that sms,i just want to say to you ,that everybody has their own reason for doing or not doing things in their life ,and if you’re really are a friend then you’d better came up with better suggestion ,a positive one at least.


  2. maaaaan.. kenapa lo jadi pandai menulis gini sih. *sigh* I couldn’t help my self on reading your blog for more and more and more and more.. and couldn’t help myself for not giving a comment. Finally found myself a lit bit addicted to it! YOU GO GIRL!!

    more about chosing the right man, I much agree with your friend comment above. I know you since are we still a little kiddo (I just ten days older then u, remember?), then into the high school, then grew up a college student.. and yes.. I know your quality are!!! So, don’t ever worry about that annoying unresponsible comment.

    hell out for loser! you deserve the best coz you are the best..

    PS : pssst, just like one said in one your blog comment, how about I also applying to be your blog fans?? hehe


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