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Life is So Simple…… 2nd Part!

Located in my brain is a jumble of thoughts, feelings, songs, words, emotions, smells, sights, and cravings. It’s full of wrongs and rights, happiness and hate. It’s full of me. This is how everyone’s brains are. And I tend to let that overflow onto this computer monitor by means of a keyboard and my fast-typing fingers.

Unfortunately, I think it makes my writing less pleasing to any stranger who happens to take a peak at my blog. I keep telling myself I write this for me, which is true, but at the same time I read these other thoughts of these amazingly talented writers, and I feel a little, tiny bit jealous.

I’m not saying that I’m going to change anything. Of course not. This is for my own enjoyment, and sometimes for my own sanity. It’s an online journal, basically. I just wish sometimes that I was more talented.

You (meaning the 2 or 3 wonderful people that read this) may have noticed that I changed my blog title. I’ve always hated my blog title (My life, or something comparable). I wasn’t exactly serious about this blog when I started it (OK, I’m still not that serious about it) and I sort of just put down the first thought that popped into my head.

So, for now… I’m in persuit of happiness. Which usually involves drama. Which is…. yup, you guessed it; Life.

So, when I hear someone sigh, “Life is hard”, I’m always tempted to ask, “Compared to what?” Just what exactly life means to us? I’m a firm believer that what you get out of life, depends on how you live it.

More than often, we start to question the meaning of life when we’ve been unhappy and depressed a good bit, or when we feel useless and worthless, or when something awful just happened to you or someone you care about and you don’t understand why bad things happen to good people.

Reality is in fact neither good nor bad; it can always be bent and twisted in many directions depending on your beliefs. Unfortunately, we often choose to see the negative side of things.

Happiness doesn’t depend on anything that has or has not happened in the past, nor does it depend on your future prospects. The simple fact is, in order to be happy; you must decide to be happy.

(inspired by a friend who keep complaining his life….
C’mon man… life is beautiful, why grumbling about the past…)

0 thoughts on “Life is So Simple…… 2nd Part!”

  1. how about if i apply to be your blog fans.. ?? 🙂

    naa.. i’m here because i just stop by and like every friend do. when you meet them, you always want to say hi.. how are you.. etc.etc..etc..

    like u said : “The simple fact is, in order to be happy; you must decide to be happy.”

    in my words, its about how you choose in life that make things go round. its about what you choose to love..
    what you choose to believe..
    what you choose to come by and say hello..

    yes, friends, it’s all about choices. and indeed, choices to be happy is part of it.

    You know what, this afternoon, wandering what to do after full day work ( en gak ada cemilan, sialann…!!! puasa sih gue). i just wandering from detik to plasa, check friendster, see milis.. then find out my mail with chichi face comes up and say that she has a new blog. at that time, two choices come across :
    go read the blog, en
    ‘mmm… another blog .. again…. This girl must be crazy, she is a journalist or what…???’

    so here i am. i bet you know what i choose. 🙂

    in the end, one choice could change your future. Remember ‘butterfly effect’ film ? one butterfly in here, could creates tornado at the other side of this tiny round earth…?

    i give you another story this morning about tiny little watch. his creator ask could you tick for 31 million for a year ? off course it can’t.
    then he asked again how about 86,400 ?
    how about 3.600 ?
    then the last question : how about if you tick one at a time, one at a second ?
    Off course the watch can do this job, eventhough it doesn’t know that after one year, it already tick for another 31 million time.

    in my opinion, One step we do, will do great thing in the future. one choice we made, will change the shape of our future and, yes, dear… of course everyone around us.


  2. yes ,when we say that we will be happy WHEN …. (usually it’s all the things that we want)
    we will never be happy.
    happiness is now,its a choice.

    appreciate that has already there,not what has not yet.

    look inside you ,not outside and shall i say to us all : ‘live a happy , and wonderful live’


  3. thanks for your recommendation chi,.thats why im so harm that not too interest read books, now i finally understand what you’ve got from there..wish i can enjoy reading some,..


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